Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unforgettable Experience

I'm sitting here in our condo on vacation enjoying the silence and decided to update my blog a little. I really enjoy blogging, but I have other priorities that come first right now, so I'll just blog when I can. We are on our first "real" vacation in South Padre with our best friends. It's a blast! We went to the beach Sunday and the kiddos loved it! Of course we did, too! Yesterday, a tropical storm blew in so we did a little shopping and hung out at the condo. Last night was an experience to remember. The kids were all asleep by 9, so we started watching a movie and enjoyed some snacks. The tropical storm came in and the electricity went out. So, we watched it for a while from the balcony and windows. My friend, Tricia, and I looked like little kids with our noses pressed to the glass watching the storm. It wasn't so bad until we discovered water all over the floor. Still not exactly sure where it came from, but it took every clean towel we had to clean it all up. We all attempted to go to bed a little bit after that. The kiddos became restless about that time, so we didn't get much sleep. This morning we decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast since our power was still out. Right before we left, it came back on. Yeah! We still went ahead and enjoyed breakfast and drove around the island. There were a few signs that blew over from the storm, but it didn't look that bad at all. I'm not sure our pictures or video we took did justice to how it looked in person. When I put Natalie to bed, I started to get a little nervouse because the wind was whistling past one of our windows. It sounded pretty scary. Then, God reminded me of what it must have been like when the disciples were on the lake and Jesus was sleeping through the storm. He said, "Be still," and the wind and waves calmed immediately. He reminded me that He was in control and in that moment He calmed me eventhough the storm outside was raging. It's pretty nice outside now. A little cloudy, but it seems to be breaking up. Laney and DJ are napping so I'm sure we'll head down to the beach a little later. Natalie is having fun fishing with her daddy and Johnny. It's been so nice to get away and enjoy time with our family and friends. I'm excited to see what the rest of the week has in store.