Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life with 2

Life with two has definitely been an adjustment. Definitely a good one, though. I have learned that housework can wait. My priority is to spend time with my girls and help raise them in a godly home. So, I'm learning to adjust to a less than spotless house, but in the end is God going to ask me how clean my house was???

Laney will be 8 weeks old on Saturday. She's getting so big! She weighs well over 10 pounds and has the cutest chubby cheeks! She adores Natalie and Natalie adores her. They are so precious to watch.

Natalie seems to have hit a growth spurt. She looks like a little girl and not like a toddler. It's bittersweet! She loves to be the center of attention no matter where she's at. She only stops talking when she's tired (which doesn't seem to be often) and says the funniest things!

Michael is doing well. He's going to be gone to kid's camp next week. Then, he'll be home for a week and it's off to youth camp. So, he's going to be busy. He had a wonderful Father's Day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day in Our Lives...

I have so many pictures to share, yet we haven't really gone anywhere since Laney was born. So, here's what we have been up to.

We took this on Mother's Day. Natalie refused to smile. I'm just happy we got a picture where she isn't crying. We had a wonderful day!
Here's a few pictures I took of Laney and then edited. She's already changed so much! She's so precious!

Natalie loves playing in the water. She's my little water bug as you can see.

I took Laney to church yesterday for the first time. She did really well. I just had to take some pictures of her in this adorable outfit. She's so cute!
Here's a few more pictures I've taken of her lately. Yes, I know the bow in the first picture is as big as her head. But, I have to agree with my friend Jennifer, if you don't like it, just deal with it. I think she's the cutest!

Here's a few recent shots of Natalie. I can't believe Chloe (our Yorkie) actually came and sat by Natalie so she could pet her. As you can tell, Natalie also loves to hunt for worms. She's my tomboy. In the next picture, you can see she found a new use for her training panties...blankies for her animals. She found a new place to play and even lined up all her toys for a picture. The last picture shows off some of the wildlife around here. We hung up a bird feeder outside Nat's window. So far, we've seen rabbits, squirrels and lots of different kinds of birds. She loves watching them.

A few pictures of my girls!

We spent Memorial Day with some friends. Natalie enjoyed ridding the tractor with David and her daddy. She also ate a ton of watermelon! Our friends Johnny and Tricia just had their first little boy, David. He and Laney are just a little over a week apart. We're so excited to see them grow up together!

The Saturday before Memorial Day, we took our first day trip to Sherman. Some of our cousins were in town so we decided to go visit. The girls did really well. Aunt Sarah also got to meet Laney for the first time. We had a wonderful visit!

She's already a daddy's girl.

Uncle Dave came to visit a few weeks ago. The girls had a great time with him!

Here's Laney's first bath when she was a week and a half old.

Grammie came and stayed with us while Michael went to Houston. The girls and I had a great time with her.
Our precious Laney will be a month old tomorrow. I really can't believe how fast it's gone! I'll try to have some one month pictures up some time later this week.