Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sew Passionate

Hello...I'm helping out with a giveaway for Jennifer at so it's time to update my blog. I really enjoy blogging, but it just hasn't been a priority for me for quite a while.

One of my passions is sewing. I love to sew for my girls, others and sometimes I make time for myself. I've had several people ask me how I got started sewing. It's just in my blood. I remember when I was little sitting beside my grandmother and my mom watching them sew. It never really interested me, though, until about four years ago. I decided to make something for Natalie, my oldest, and it took off from there. I've participated in a couple of festivals, but it just hasn't seemed like God has opened the door to sell my creations consistently. If He decides to open that door, I'll gladly walk through. Until then, I'm enjoying making things for my girls and making custom orders and gifts.

I love giving gifts to people, but I can't give just any general gift. I have to personalize it to fit that persons personality and likes. Christmas is a time when I am able to personalize gifts for most of my family. Here are some of the gifts I made this past Christmas. As I said earlier, most of my items are custom work. So, if you see something you like or are interested in, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you customize something just for you or as a gift.

All of these were stiched using my embroidery machine (patterns were purchased from various websites)

Aprons for Adults and Children (patterns are my own)

Personalized Reusable Snack Sacks (you can find lots of free patterns for them online) and Personalized Pillowcases from

Tinkerbell Costume (Simplicity #2872) and Ruffle Scarf from

Clutch (both are the same pattern, but I found a few problems with the first one I made on the top and tried to fix them when I made the second one on the bottom) and Purse (Simplicity #2617)

Owl Purse from The Lola Pattern (you can purchase it at

Stuffed Owl from The Lola Pattern, Scrap Picture (sorry I took it from my phone so it's not good quality), Flat Iron Holder from

Camera Strap from and Personalized Notepad Holders (I used adhesive vinyl and cut names out using a Cricut)

I also made dresses and nightgowns for my girls. I don't have pictures of those so I'll have to post pictures of those later. I listed lots of tutorials so you can make your own creations if you enjoy crafting.

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